Gav  pic.jpgGavin Kerr Hunter


Gavin a Scot who brings thirty seven years of experience on four continents as a ski teacher, school manager, PSIA trainer, examiner, tech team member and race coach. Gavin's simple challenging concepts, have generated much excitement and change in leading the industry. He has been able to recruit some of the most gifted ski and snowboard professionals.

Alison Mawditt

Assistant DirectorAl web.PNG

Teaching for over 28 years, Alison has been a PSIA ACE (children's specialist) trainer and Instructor of the year at Crystal Mt. Alison is not only is a superb ski coach, but is also responsible for keeping the Snowperformance office and director in top shape. She is alpine, snowboard and telemark certified.


Jerry pic.JPGJerry Kerslake


Jerry has taught skiing world wide for over 35 years and is a master of the art or should we say the arc. He leaves some of the cleanest tracks in every terrain he visit. his love for the sport and passing his skills on to others is second to none.


Stuart pic.jpgStuart Craig

Telemark & XC Program Director, technical advisor coach

Stuart has been a Telemark, cross country and Alpine instructor for over two decades, teaching in Australia, Canada, and all over the US.

Former head Telemark Examiner Clinician, for PSIA Northwest he is fluid powerful skier, he has exceptional technical and movement assessment skills, and an unorthodox, high energy – and highly effective – teaching style.

He also runs our indoor physical training camps with a strong background and knowledge base.

Catherine pic.jpgCatherine Crim 

Alpine and Telemark coach

Catherine comes from a Telemark race background in which she has reached national team level and her Alpine skills are equal, she is currently on both PSIANW divisional staff for both disciplines. She taught full time for Alta and Snowbird as well as with Snowperformance and PSIA in the NW. Her outstanding talent is that what she can ski, she can give simply to others.

Jenn L.jpgJen Lockwood


Jen has coached skiing in the NW for over 25 years currently a NW tech team member, examiner and divisional staff member she throws her seemigly endless happy energy in to any project or person she comes across with incredible profesionalism and dedication.

She is also a very acomplished fitness trainer owning and running Peak Fitness NW.

Chris P.jpgChris Perry


Chris is an ex US ski team ski X cross member, free style coach, ski patroller and has taught skiing since 1980. His knowledge of terrain, snow conditions and incredibly strong dynamic skiing on steep terrain has proved perfect for leading our dynamic youth programs and race training.

Laura Le Blanc


Laura grew up skiing and teaching in the NW her love of the mountains has also seen her work as a patroller and mountain guide. She spends a lot of her free time exploring the mountains ski touring and climbing. She is a PSIA level 3 instructor and an AIARE level 3 avalanche guide/ examiner has a degree in glacioligy and is also a school teacher.

Jimheadshot.jpgJim Stevens


Originating from Pennsylvania Jim came West in search of gravity and found it at Crystal Mountain 28 years ago. He is a highly skilled and versatile skier and has been a PSIA divisional clinician and USSA race coach and an expert in ski tuning. Jim "retired" as head coach for the highly sucessful Mount Hood Meadows race team, but returns to work with Snowperformance from Hawaii where he now lives this year.

Greg D.jpgGreg Dixon

Telemark and Alpine coach

Greg had risen rapidly in the skiing and teaching world, and is currently the head coach for the PSIA national Telemark team as well as representing at                                                  Divisional level on Alpine skis. Greg has worked at Mount Bachelor, Jackson Hole, and with Snowperformance throughout the NW.

Greg’s straightforward teaching style, superb grasp of skiing mechanics, and low-key easy going personality mesh perfectly with his tremendous grace and skill on skis.

john May.pngJohn May


John has worked in the NW ski coaching for 20 years and is  PSIA Divisional staff memeber tech team meber exminer and clinician.  His deep                  understanding of technical skills and how to put them over in simple easily understood terms is exceptional along with his dedication to make permanent lasting change in his students. 


Jeff Barstow.pngJeff Barstow


Jeff's talents extend far from skiing having been a Boeing executive and a model and top racing driver in Posche's as well as being an excellent skier and coach.  He has worked with Snowperformance since the early 2000s in both youth and adult programs.  His incredible outpouring of positive energy is magnetic to all. 


Tara.jpgTara Seymor


A recent and very welcome addition to our coachiing line up and also the PSIA NW technical team Tara offers a wealth of teaching knowledge from many years in the industry and also from her other work as a Yoga coach / guru.


Chris comb.jpgChris Combs


Chris has worked full time teaching and skiing throughout the NW. He has worked for Snowperformance as an adult and Dynamic youth coach. He has become an integral part of our team. His easy going ski style with a great eye makes him a fantastic coach.

Jon M.jpgJon Malmberg

1967-2019  Alpine and Telemark coach

It is with extreme sadness that we have to announce the loss of our longtime team mate, freind and outstanding coach Jon Malmberg in a Base jump accident in Switzerland in July 2019.  Jon's unstoppable energy and dedication to give to anyone he worked with, were second to none and he is sorley missed.


Mark Music.JPGMark Music
Alpine and Telemark coach

Mark has worked in the ski instruction industry over 25 year extensively in Japan and the US he is a level 3 PSIA instructor in both Alpine and Telemark, and is fluent in Japanese as well as English.  Marks easy understanding stlye allows him to communicate effectively with everyone he teaches.


Tim Wooley

A native of Australia Tim does not fail to make you aware of his heritage with his incredible zest for life which he happily shares with all. His skiing and teaching skills moved from working in Australia to many years teaching at Jackson Hole. Tim has a fantastic connection with younger students and creates amazing results.


Petra.jpgPetra Hilleberg

Telemark and Alpine coach

Petra literally grew up on skis, Petra has been Alpine, Nordic and Telemark skiing since she could walk.

A Telemark and Alpine coach at divisional level in the NW, Petra has an great eye for movement, and brings incredible joy and energy to her teaching and effortless elegance and precision to her skiing. She also is he very sucessful CEO of a little tent business!

Bry Ry.jpgBryan Ryerse


All his life Bryan has skied and coached in the NW and is equally adept on skis or snowboard. He has been an integral part of the Snowperformance team for many years. Working in our adult and dynamic youth programs his powerful, dynamic skills and simple direct coaching style go down incredibly well with all.

Nelson.jpgNelson Wingard


Nelson started his career teaching for Crystal mountain ski school aged 16 and has become an outstanding skier, coach and manager. A past PSIA national team member he is currently Director of skiing at Steamboat Springs Co. His dynamic skiing and personality light up his students.

Bob B.jpgBob Barnes 


A past 2 term PSIA national team member and 25 year director of skiing at Winter Park Co,  Bob's less than subtle demeanor, sense of humor and endless energy, makes him a great part of our team that no one will ever forget and he will leave permanent change on their skiing.

Steve Olwin


Steve Olwin has been at the top level of skiing and coaching since the mid 80s serving 3 terms on the PSIA NW Techteam and also having been used in Ellen Post Fosters Fine Art of Skiing book as a demo skier and consultant. He has continued to develop his skills to the highest level with his unbounded love for change and dedication in the sport.