Course Levels

Level 1

You can ski blue and black groomed runs in parallel at a moderate pace and are looking to move off the groomed into variable snow conditions on blue and black terrain.

Level 2

You can ski double black groomed runs in parallel and get down them in variable snow conditions but are wanting to ski black to double black in linked short parallel turns in deeper snow conditions on open slopes and venture in to the back country.

Level 3

You can ski most terrain on challenging mountains. You can ski down the fall line in short radius turns but are challenged by steeper chutes tight trees and heavy or icy snow. You are looking to ski tighter, steeper and deeper conditions fluidly in all ski area and backcountry terrain.

Level 4

You can ski all terrain on challenging mountains in both backcountry and ski areas. You ski the fall line fairly aggressively and are looking to improve effectiveness and efficiency in all conditions.

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