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Snowperformance teaches simple modern snow sport techniques.

Snowperformance is a high performance academy that specializes in guiding intermediate, advanced and expert skiers to their best performances.

We believe that in creating permanent lasting change and that we can make this happen quickly for our guests.

While emphasizing true all mountain skiing, Snowperformance offers clinics, camps and private instruction in every aspect of skiing, including all terrain all conditions, racing, high performance carving, and freestyle. We also create custom programs that precisely target your or your groups specific goals.

All Snowperformance coaches are hand picked from the very top levels of the sport and include PSIA national team and divisional staff clinicians and USSA and international race coaches as well as physical therapists and fitness trainers.

Snowperformance coaching is built around guiding skiers towards efficient fluidity in their skiing by utilizing simple, basic concepts of natural human mechanics and a teaching style designed to get skiers to be their own best coaches.

In addition, we offer cross-training camps, both on and off the snow, and we conduct guided travel tours, all with a coaching component, to a variety of world-class mountain locales all over the world.

Our exclusive movement-based teaching process combines technical skill work, individual equipment assessment and mental and physical conditioning into a unique fun-filled, fast paced program that we guarantee will create lasting changes in your performance.

At the heart of the Snowperformance experience is our select group of extraordinary coaches. Highly experienced and exceedingly motivated, our team of professionals are among the most talented teachers and skiers in the snow sports world.

Come ski or ride with us and experience true snow performance!

Our goals are...

Create major lasting changes in our clients

Give clients skills which they can use anywhere, in any snow condition to be more effective

Have more fun!

These changes are taught in a manner that gives our clients a better understanding of what they are doing, why they are doing it, and a clear understanding of "how" to find it again.

Through this process we create knowledge rather than just information and give you the ability for self improvement, without continuous coaching.



We approach every client with 3 concepts to create permanent lasting change:

1. Equipment: Provide a full assessment of your entire equipment setup and make needed changes to optimize stance, balance and performance.

2. Mental: Challenge and refine your basic mental concepts of what and how you think you should be doing

3. Physical: Assess and redirect your physical movements to be more effective.


With every student we do a thorough stance and movement assessment and make the necessary changes to allow the person to maintain a strong stance. It is from a strong stance that athletes can create continuous natural movements. Many skiers and snowboarders are extremely restricted in movement by incorrect equipment set up, often without knowing it. To counteract this handicap, the athlete uses forced, unnatural movements. This often creates frustration because the athlete reaches a plateau in their performance which they can not pass through, and often they give up the sport in their 30s or 40s. In truth, with modern equipment that is properly set up, most skiers can keep on improving their skills and performance to a higher level than they have ever achieved throughout their 50s, 60s, and even through their 70s.


We believe a disconnect between what a person thinks they should be doing vs. what actually should be done is the primary mental block which stops major change in most athletes (especially at the higher end). These thought patterns limit the athlete’s physical ability to make movement changes. We explore, through various means, a student’s basic beliefs of the sport. We help clients take away internal rules and boundaries that limit their performance. We guide them to establish a new set of rules and boundaries that often result in huge and immediate improvements in performance.


We look at the actual movements as they happen, and create changes through building strong awareness of sensations, thoughts and visual keys. The student develops a simple understanding of these keys and can find them again by themselves.

Stance and Free Movement rather than carve

Our ultimate goal in developing any skier or snowboarder is to maintain good stance from which a skier can freely move and adjust his or her skis (board) to do anything at any time. This is a sharp departure from the age-old goal of having a pure carved turn be the only desired outcome. Seeking to carve every turn limits many skiers to a continuous fight between themselves and the mountain. A focus on maintaining good stance increases versatility and allows our clients to produce many outcomes, the carved turn just being one of them,

Natural body movements

We believe that all movements in skiing are natural movements to the body rather than contrived movements or positions. At Snowperformance, we teach you how to use feedback from your sensations, muscular awareness and imagery to bring out these natural movements.

Actions rather than many words

You learn by doing and all our coaches will give you a lot of fun, focused mileage.


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