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Weekend price $390 

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Mission Ridge weekend camps and days 2021


January 9 10

February 6 7

March 6 7

April 4, 5

With Gavin, Alison, and other Snowperformance coaches.

These all day weekend camps offer you a quick getaway from the big city to the quieter beauty and dry snow just over the cascades near Wenatchee.

Mission Ridge offers a great variety of terrain and conditions from high speed groomers to working through the rock bands in Bomber bowl in deep fresh powder.

This super friendly ski area offers all the facilities of the West side areas with out the crowds and rain.

You can choose to do either one day of coaching or 2 over the weekend. If you bring the family we will have options from advanced youth groups* to the great ski school at Mission to look after everyone. In the evening Wenatchee offers a good mix of restaurants great wine and affordable accommodations.

Gavin, Alison and others of our top coaches will be working these camps.

In each camp we will start at 9 and run till 3.30 with video and full set up review.