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2020-21 Calendar of Events

**This calendar is no longer valid due to Covid  restrictions and we are doing a full rebuild for all products within the US which will be posted by September 10th**

October/ November 2020

Snow Fit October TBA

Boot Fitting October November by appointment



December 2020

Sun Peaks will be in Big Sky Montana this year Race All Mountain skills carve camp December 9 10 11

Sun Peaks will be in Big Ski Montana this year Race/All Mountain skills carve camp 14 15 16 17

Snowbasin Privates and private groups available throughout 20/21 season by request please avoid holiday periods.


January 2021

Multi-Week (5 week) programs at Summit Central and Alpental

Tuesday Wednesday and Fridays - Begins January 5, 6 and 8

Mission Ridge Weekend Camp January 9 10


*Silverton Mountain Heli ski and guided steep camp

January 11-13 and 14-16             

Snowbasin camp January 18 19 20

* Ruby Mountain Heli skiing Nevada January 22-24



February 2021

Japan Tour -Feb on hold pending travel restrictions we will run iif we can.

Mission Ridge weekend Camp January 9 10

Snowbasin camp 2 February 6 7

La Grave France February Cancelled Silverton Mountain camps coming


March 2021

Mission Ridge weekend camp 3 March 6 7


Mustang Powder Cat Ski camps 20-22 and 27-29  Cancelled till 2022 with raincheck on all purchased trips

New Trip*

*Valdez Heliski camp March 21-27 app under development 


April 2021

Mission Ridge Weekend camp 4 April 3 4

Iceland Heli ski tour April 5 - 10  Under review pending travel restrictions.

July 2021Summer Camps Mount Hood TBA


August 2021

Chile Portilllo camp *



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